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Parents Children A Brighter Future

To make our services accessible to all, we’ve streamlined the application process so that your child can get started on the journey to success

Support ASD Kids through ABA therapy



Success begins by setting the groundwork for collaboration towards a common goal. As an agency that prides itself on working closely with families at all times, the team will discuss your needs, concerns, and goals, and address any questions you may have before we embark on the road to success.



One of our skilled and experienced BCBA’s will evaluate your child, employing comprehensive, data-driven tools to identify areas of strength and weakness and develop an effective, child-specific treatment plan tailored to their individual needs.



Our insurance division will reach out to your provider to get you approved for the maximum amount of care. Navigating this field can be challenging, and we have extensive experience working with providers to make the headache ours — and the success yours.


Expert Care

It’s time to get your child started. Our skilled and experienced Behavioral Technicians will implement the therapy plan developed by your child’s BCBA and help unlock your child’s true potential. Guided by passion and a commitment to success, your child’s empowerment begins at Empower ABA.



For as long as your child remains a part of the Empower ABA family, the team will continue to work together with you on our common goals. We arrange monthly calls to update you on their progress, discuss goals, reevaluate care, and offer continued access to tracking their progress on our parent portal.


It’s our pleasure to answer all your questions.
Start by visiting our FAQ page to learn more about what to expect at Empower ABA.

Delivering services wherever your child will thrive

Home-based ABA therapy

Our therapists will visit your home to work with your child in the environment where they are most comfortable.

Center-based ABA therapy

Our modern facilities are designed to power success, offering the best in ABA care in a space conducive for success.

Virtual ABA therapy

We boast comprehensive infrastructure and technology to offer industry-leading services virtually.

Empower ABA for Happy Kids

We offer more at Empower ABA


Our team has developed guided resources and works with parents to help children thrive and advance via the benefit of ABA-based parenting.

Some of the ways in which our parent training program makes a difference:

Ensures consistent and smooth routines
Helps skills carry over even when BT isn’t around
Supports with eating, getting dressed, potty training, getting ready for school, nighttime routine etc.
Guides parents on how to deal with challenging behaviors

At Empower ABA, every therapy plan is


We’re here for you and your family

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