Meet Our Leadership Team

Rachel Cisner BCBA

Having worked in the field of special education for about 8 years, both in specialized schools for children with disabilities and in mainstream schools, Rachel brings a world of knowledge, passion and experience to her job.

At Empower ABA, Rachel works as a behavior analyst with children who are diagnosed with autism, in the 3-10 age range. She particularly appreciates when children are involved and assertive in their learning so that they enjoy a deeper growth experience. An avid reader and lover of nature, she holds a Masters in education and special education in early childhood from NYIT and studied ABA at Niagara University before receiving her BCBA license.

Miriam Bergman Assessment Specialist, BCBA/LBA

Miriam is tasked with writing initial assessments and reassessments. The former includes learning everything about the child in order to set ambitious goals and launching a successful behavioral intervention plan. She also reassesses client progress along the way, as well as reviews the assessments/reassessments from other BCBAs to ensure that they are ready for submission.

Her background includes working in a school for children with ASD, private work for families, as well as a para in a school for a child with down syndrome and autism. She has made her home at Empower ABA and is proud to play an integral role in the company’s mission.

Shaindy Klar BCBA/LBA

Shaindy received her Masters in Special Education and General Education from NYIT and her BCBA from Touro College.

As one of our respected BCBAs, Shaindy implements programs for children and helps guide the team in serving their unique needs. A special educator and curious learner, she has embraced the exciting world of ABA therapies and continues to share this passion forward.

Sury Altman BCBA/LBA

Sury boasts a 12-year record as an SEIT provider, with a strong focus on social and academic goals. Using her Masters in Special Ed from Daemen University, she has also supervised high school SEITS, before going on to collect a BCBA from Manhattanville College.

As part of her responsibilities, Sury makes a plan for children served by our team and updates it upon meeting with the child once a week. She also trains the parents to better help their children meet the social and emotional goals, and meets with our Behavioral Therapists weekly to provide continued training.

Shany Justman BCBA/LBA

Shany holds a Masters in Early Childhood Education from New York Institute of Technology and Advanced Certificate in ABA from Daemen College.

In addition to her skilled work in training parents on ABA strategies and advising the team on how best to work with the individual children, she also assists on the auditing and insurance end to ensure that every child receives the comprehensive help they need.

Pearl Goldwurm Chief Clinical Director

As the heartbeat of Empower ABA’s clinical services, Pearl brings more than a decade and a half of distinguished service on behalf of children with developmental challenges. Holding BCBA, LBA and multiple other certifications, along with a Master of Education and Special Education degree, Pearl has firsthand experience in every role: therapist, supervisor and director.

Pearl brings tireless devotion and compassion to her role as Clinical Director and has earned a reputation as a director who puts people first, be it children, their families or other members of the team. An avid reader and lifelong learner, she’s proudest of her role as a mom and according to her own words, ‘could really use a good night’s sleep.’

Brittany Taylor Shredl Clinical Director, Virginia.

As Clinical Director in Virginia, Brittany is responsible for ensuring top-notch services to all of our clients in Virginia. She is an experienced Behavior Analyst with skills and passion in management and marketing.

Brittany has a passion for quality early-intervention services with an emphasis on mental health and well-being, as well as independent living skills for older learners. She plans to bring change to the ABA community in Virginia by offering transparent, supportive, and inclusive services for all clients, and building a team that holds the same values.

Eli Seidenfeld Principal Strategy Executive

Eli Seidenfeld serves as the Principal Strategy Executive at Empower ABA, where he harnesses over a decade of expertise in scaling organizations to their full potential. With a distinguished track record of guiding startups to lucrative outcomes, his strategic insights have been instrumental in shaping robust business models, pioneering sales strategies, and crafting impactful marketing campaigns.

Recognized for his motivational leadership and resourceful problem-solving, Eli fosters a culture of excellence within the organization. His approach is underpinned by a commitment to ethical practices, financial acuity, and sustainable business development. With his guidance, Empower ABA is poised to continue its trajectory as a leader in the ABA therapy space, making a tangible impact on the communities it serves.

Chaya Fried Administrator

As administrator, Chaya oversees all operations company-wide, and has developed a knack for identifying solutions to improve each family’s experience, as well as empowering the entire team to thrive as a unit.

Once an elementary school teacher who also tutored children, developed school curriculums, directed creative arts activities, and led a non-profit program for families of sick children, she has brought her love for working with kids to Empower ABA and has played a key role in building the company’s culture of positivity and growth.

Gitty Brukirer Case Coordinator

Every client is a world of their own, and Gitty is the individual tasked with coordinating the care that is right for them. From client intake to ensuring that they are partnered with the right providers, Gitty is guided by the needs of each child and their family.

“I feel like she works for us, not for Empower ABA,” is what one grateful mother shared about Gitty. A fellow mom and homemaker of her own, she brings passion and compassion to this demanding position and has successfully helped oversee care for many — with great results.

Talya Feldman Recruitment Specialist

Talya is responsible for ensuring that the people who would benefit from ABA therapy know about Empower ABA. She manages our marketing and central reach training. Before joining the Empower ABA team, Talya worked for an ABA home program, helping families who had a difficult time implementing what they had learned in a clinic.

Talya loves spreading the word about Empower ABA because she believes in their mission and knows that the ABA therapy they provide is second to none. In her free time, Talya enjoys drawing, photography, hiking, and music.


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